Shipping policy

Applications will be processed within a maximum period of 72 hours from receipt of the order and will be sent within the following 48/72 hours. The delivery will be detailed during the process. However, if SCULPTINGTIMES considers that a product, due to its characteristics, may need a longer period, it will always be indicated in the online store for the user's consideration.
The customer will not have the right to request the cancellation of an order or any compensation, including a refund of postage in the event of a delay in product delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of SCULPTINGTIMES.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of your order and the country of destination and are based & nbsp; on the rates of transport companies. They do not include insurance. Please check if your country will charge additional duties or taxes for the importation of these products that are exported from the European Union.

If you want a rate & nbsp; for a country or region that is not on the list, feel free to contact us.

Important information about shipping abroad:

On international orders there may be taxes, fees or duties that are not included in the total price. Tolls, taxes and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments.

Usual shipping rates (in case of heavier shipments cost may vary).

Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands 3.50 € (For shipments to the Canary Islands use the contact form for more information).

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy (93 out of 110 provinces), Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal (18 out of 20 regions), Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom 7.50  € 

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 12 €

United States 15 €

Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia 20 €