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Meet Athena, our crown jewel

Athena inaugurates the collection 'The Judgment of Paris', inspired by Greek mythology. This series offers a realistic and authentic perspective of the female nude, challenging conventional fantasy. Discover these miniatures that fuse ancient history with contemporary craftsmanship

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  • Miniaturas Artesanales para Pintar - Sculptingtimes

    Exclusive miniature collections

    Explore our unique collections of meticulously designed miniatures. Each piece is a work of art in itself, created with passion and precision to enhance your gaming table adventures.

  • Miniaturas Artesanales para Pintar - Sculptingtimes

    Team of experienced artists

    Our team is made up of experienced artists with years of dedication in the industry. Each member brings their creativity and unique skills to ensure each miniature is a masterpiece.

  • Miniaturas Artesanales para Pintar - Sculptingtimes

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