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Chesterthorn Ironbutt

Chesterthorn Ironbutt

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Handcrafted miniature figurine of Chesterthorn Ironbutt, an adventurous dwarf meticulously sculpted and hand-cast in high-quality resin.

  • Figure made with high quality resin
  • unpainted figure
  • Assembly required

He had been lost in the woods for weeks, or so he thought. Every time he woke up he felt disoriented and had trouble remembering how many days had passed since he last opened his eyes. His old clock didn't work, the stars here were not the ones he knew and they seemed to change position every night. Flalir, that living splinter of the abysmal fire that lived in his pipe, was very lazy, but since they arrived here he had not woken up once, he seemed to have fallen into a state of deep lethargy. Flalirl! He exclaimed with a lump in his throat. The Pipe gave off a powerful spark and the wisp of magic that was the small creature came out of the pipe, stretching and inflaming with intensity. With that gesture, three glowing symbols appeared in the air as if a ghost rancher had branded the ass of an invisible cow with a red-hot iron.

Deluxe Edition

Box art by:


  • Bust:8.2 x 5.5cm
  • Altarpiece:12.5 x 9.2cm

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