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HEIMDALLR 95 mm (75 mm scale)

HEIMDALLR 95 mm (75 mm scale)

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Handcrafted Heimdallr miniature figurine, meticulously hand-sculpted and molded, with metal and glass parts. It is recommended to avoid using cyanoacrylate glue (Loctite type) to adhere the glass pieces; it is preferable to use white or PVC glue.

  • Figure made with high quality resin
  • unpainted figure

Heimdallr was known by many names. He was an Æsir, son of Odin and giants. He was a huge and fearsome warrior, defender of Asgard and guardian of the Bifröst. His destiny was fatally linked to that of Loki. He still keeps the Gjallarhorn, and is accompanied by an old friend, the rooster Gullinkambi, whose crowing signaled the beginning of Ragnarök.

Deluxe Edition

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  • Miniature:95mm (75mm scale)

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