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Handcrafted miniature figure of Eraltor, meticulously hand-sculpted and molded. The figure includes pieces of metal, wood and cords.

  • Figure made with high quality resin
  • unpainted figure
  • Assembly required

The good-natured Eraltor is a descendant of the dvergar, the dwarves of the old world. Often identified as black elves or dark elves, and, interestingly, of a similar height to the humans of Midgard. He is a wandering blacksmith who has inherited from his ancestors the craftsmanship skills that impressed the Æsir. There is no longer magic in the world to create those weapons and items, but Eraltor has a legendary gift for the arts of forging... and for drinking beer too, naturally.

We recommend not cutting the ropes, they can fray very easily. If you want to cut them, pour a drop of Loctite-type glue in the cut area. Metal parts can be polished but if they are not varnished they will end up rusting and darkening.

Deluxe Edition

Box art by:


  • Miniature:60mm (75mm scale)

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