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ZOKKO 65 mm (bust 1:10)

ZOKKO 65 mm (bust 1:10)

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Artisan miniature figure of Zokko, meticulously sculpted and molded by hand with premium materials.

  • Figure made with high quality resin
  • unpainted figure

Svartálfaheim, Zokko's original world vanished and he and the other Dökkálfar (the dark elves) were dragged to Midgard. He believed that there was no future for him. He was used to the absence of light, to treasures, to the dark arts, and to power over weak creatures like humans. To his surprise and delight he discovered politics in the great cities of the humans of Midgard. He soon founded his own organization "The Golden Snake Solution Merchants Guild". Very soon he felt at home.

Deluxe Edition

Box art by:


  • Miniature:65mm (1:10 bust)

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